Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Eco Friendly Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture, Benches and Tables

Using recycled and eco friendly products is the easiest way to go green and living in a way that protects the environment. We need to protect our planet from man-made damage. There are easy ways that an individual can lessen the negative effects that our daily lives have on the planet. By buying recycled plastic furniture you are helping the planet. Recycled plastic is extremely hardwearing, making it perfect to make recycled plastic furniture for you!

Recycled Plastic Furniture is not affected by the cold and repels the rain and is UV protected from the sunlight, therefore it does not need to be mothballed in the winter. Outdoor furniture also looks good and is maintenance free. Timeless aesthetics without extra cost.

When considering outdoor furniture the benefits of recycled plastic significantly outweigh traditional timber. As we all know the amount of plastic waste each year is staggering and as a country we need to do what we can to reduce plastic landfills.


Why Use Recycled Plastic Furniture

High quality and durable – Recycled plastic furniture is far better than wood for many reasons.

Recycled plastic furniture does not require maintenance. So you can leave it outside all year around and the product will keep its colour. Recycled outdoor plastic is resistant to all wood boring insects, algae and bacteria that typically cause problems for timber furniture. We guarantee our recycled plastic will never rot. Recycled furniture will not split, warp, twist and distortion as many timber products would.

Splinter-free, therefore low risk of injury
Can be used year round
Moisture-repellent, does not absorb water, therefore dries fast
Higher load capacity
Long service life
Resistant to oils, brines, acids, and salt water
Low maintenance and service costs
Perfect construction material, especially for robust profiles and finished parts
Produced without preservatives
Reduces the strain on landfills, is sustainably environmentally friendly
Easy to process mechanically (drilling, sawing, screwing, nailing)

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